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We are open to receiving comments from those who come into contact with our company, in order to improve and provide a service that is client led and based on the wishes and opinions of those who use us. Below are some of those comments.

Statement have been taken from a Quality Assurance report carried out by the Registered Manager throughout 2015, nominations to awards in 2015, and feedback from clients on the Charity.

On the staff:

"I love support to GP appointments as the appointment can get me down and talking with staff reassures me."

Marie King-Hele, client - March 2015

"Having the same staff member means they know our father very well and gets to know them. This is important as they know when he is not well."

Zoe Beasley, daughter of a client - May 2015

"They are someone to talk to and they listen to me."

Doris Howard, client - August 2015 

On Learna Pettitt, Senior Support Staff and client who won the Judge's Special Award in Nov 2015:

"It's clear to me that she absolutely loves her job. She works with such dedication. I have seen her bring a mountain of client's washing home to finish when their washing machine had broken down."

Janita Hanif, Support staff - November 2015 

 On the management:

"The owners see outside the box"

Sam Johnson, client - March 2015

On the work:

"It's not clinical. We're companions."

Terri Mitchell, Support staff - July 2015

"I enjoy working for Eternity Care and Support."

Ali Woolford, Senior Support Staff - April 2015 

On the service as a whole:

" Eternity Care & Support offer more than others - such as the little things like cleaning, peeling potatoes, making cups of tea. It is the physical as well as the mental things that recognise the simplest actions make a difference for clients."

Learna Pettitt, Senior Support staff and client - March 2015

On the Extra Mile Charity:

"Thank you for arranging my outing to Woking to see Anton and Erin dance. You made the difference 'Extra Mile'.

Mary Fardell, client - May 2015 
We can assist with:
  • Building independent living skills
  • Going out in your local area
  • Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • After an operation
  • Going Out
  • Cooking for or with you
  • Personal Care
  • Pet assistance
  • Shopping
  • Respite
  • Going to social activities
  • Support with public transport
  • Sleep ins or waking nights
  • Thinking of new things you can do
  • Chatting about life in general
  • Helping with the laundry
  • Supporting carers
  • Menu planning and healthy eating
  • Shopping with or without you
  • Day trips to the coast
  • Discussing news topics
  • Board games, crosswords, etc
  • Help with finances
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