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Below are a few examples of the diversity of support we have given to clients:

1. A man with Aspergers who was separated from his siblings when they were very young. In his 50s a staff member supported him to find, and meet, one of his sisters. He also receives support with his finances, shopping, going to the gym and finding local activities that interest him.

2. A lady in her late 90s, lonely since her husband passed away, to go out for a cup of tea, slice of cake and a drive around the areas she grew up in, where she reminisces about where she met her husband, and places they used to go to together.

3. A lady in her 40s who has blackouts, to walk or drive with her and her children to school. She also receives support to go shopping and to some of the after school activities with her children, when she feels she needs it.

4. A lady in her 90s with stage 3 Dementia to get up and go to bed every morning and evening. We also provide another 3 hours in the afternoon to allow her husband a break to walk the dog, do the gardening or attend his own appointments. During all sessions we do gentle mental and physical exercises to keep her walking and as alert as possible.

5. A lady in her 30s with mental health problems to access adult education, support her to keep her property clean, go to events in her local area such as banger car racing, sports in the leisure centre and for meals out.

6.A lady with mild learning disabilities to go horse riding, moving her on from riding lessons to a more independent pony share scheme. We support her to see her family when she asks us to.

7. A lady with Multiple Sclerosis to have a bath once a week and to get tidy her house, to relieve her husband, now in his 70s, from doing it every day. Once in a while, her husband will go away for a break, and we provide a live in during this period with staff who know her routine.

8. A lady in her 80s to go to GP and nurse appointments. We sometimes do sleep overs with her when her family go away in case she needs someone during the night.

9. A young lady in her 20s with autism and chronic fatigue syndrome who cannot be left in the house on her own, to enable her family to work. She is supported with making lunch when she can and to go to activities such as horseriding and walking in her local area. She sometimes chooses to go to aquariums and do volunteer work in them to satisfy her obsession with, and knowledge, of marine wildlife.

10. Several clients who are elderly with their personal care - showering/bathing, getting up/going to bed, getting dressed/undressed, with taking their medicines. We do as much or as little as they need.

11. Several clients who are elderly with their shopping, attending medical appointments, cooking their meals with or for them.

12. A young man in his 30s with Aspergers and Fybromyalgia with gardening and cleaning of his vast property. He also receives support when he has his children to stay by way of cooking and cleaning and general support when with them.

13. Several clients with learning disabilities and mental health problems to use public transport, to go into their local areas to watch the cinema, go to the theatre, shop, have meals out, go to local events - County Show in Guildford, local Festivals, etc.

14. A lady in her 90s to walk around her car park to keep her mobility going.

15. A lady in her 30s with mental health and general health problems to walk her dog.

16. A lady in her 20s with mental health and major health problems to live her life as if 'every day is her last' - these are her words. She has recently done some fire walking at Whipsnade Zoo and is looking forward to being a Zookeeper for a day and would like to snorkel with sharks which can be arranged!.

17. A lady in her 50s with Multiple Sclerosis to attend a therapy group where she receives physiotherapy treatment. We also support her at the hydrotherapy pool and to continue with her love of art by picking her up from her art classes.

18. To go on holiday. 2014 has seen an elderly couple in their 80s go on holiday for a week to Bournemouth with a staff member and will see a lady in her 30s with mental health problems go to the New Forest for a weekend break with a staff member for the first time in her life.

19. A young man in his 30s with autism to go to car boot sales where he can follow his passion of looking for old coins and old artefacts.

20. For staff and clients to share interests making the session more enjoyable as each are able to talk with passion about that interests and the event they have just experienced. If you have any more, we would like to add to our list to show we are a diverse and adaptable company who believe we can do anything with anyone.

We can assist with:
  • Building independent living skills
  • Going out in your local area
  • Cleaning
  • Companionship
  • After an operation
  • Going Out
  • Cooking for or with you
  • Personal Care
  • Pet assistance
  • Shopping
  • Respite
  • Going to social activities
  • Support with public transport
  • Sleep ins or waking nights
  • Thinking of new things you can do
  • Chatting about life in general
  • Helping with the laundry
  • Supporting carers
  • Menu planning and healthy eating
  • Shopping with or without you
  • Day trips to the coast
  • Discussing news topics
  • Board games, crosswords, etc
  • Help with finances
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